Тема: Injection pump sticking problem in Wartsila 32 engines


We are a power plant in Greece operating 2 Wartsila 32 12V engines using HFO 380 as the primary fuel. Ever since we turned to HFO 380 (from MDO) we are facing a very serious injection pump fuel rack stickiness problem. This problem happens randomly at a wide rang of loads but happens more frequently in low loads (approx. 10%) or when starting-stoping the engine.
As a solution the manufacturer has suggested to wash the lower part of the fuel injection pumps with diesel oil using an air pump, on a 500 operating hour basis.
While the results from the cleaning procedure are positive i.e. the pumps behave normally, this is only for a small amount of operation hours. There are many cases where cleaned and freshly repaired injection pumps get sticky just after a 48h period of operation

Please help.

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